Gazebo cupola

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The Gazebo Cupola

Our Gazebo Cupola features an octagonal configuration with louvers and a 16 ounce, 24 gauge copper top roof. Cupola size is derived from the measurement of the cupola base.

When installing a weathervane on a cupola, an 11" extension rod is required.

Choosing the Proper Size Cupola

To properly size a cupola, allow 1"-1.25" of cupola width for every foot of unbroken roofline.

For example, if your garage roof is 24', you would be best choosing between a 24" and 30" square cupola. If your garage is two or more stories, it is best to lean on the bigger side.

On overly long roof lines, using more than one cupola is best. For instance, on a 100' roofline, you could use (2) 48" cupolas, or (2) 60" cupolas.

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