Cupola Options Help

Cupola Options Help

1.) Choosing Size of Cupola 

You take the length of your roofline and multiply it by 1.25. For example a 24 foot roofline would need a 30" square cupola. 24 x 1.25 = 30"




2.) Material 

Some cupolas have the option to pick between either Cellular PVC (Vinyl) or Faux Cedar 






3.) Weathervane Ready 

You can choose to have your cupola ready for a finial and weathervane or it have no hole. 




4.) Base Style 


On some cupolas you can choose to change the style of base (Bottom Section) of the cupola. You have three choices. 







5.) Is your roof steeper than a 12:10 pitch?

You need to determine the pitch of your roof. There are many videos on YouTube to show you how to measure this. Most cupolas except for shed cupolas fit up to 12:10 roof pitches. If your roof is steeper than a 12:10 pitch we need to add a base extension to your cupola to accommodate your steeper pitch. The base ext is not an extra piece that can be ordered later. What we do is build the cupola base taller so it is still one piece. 





6.) Precut cupola base 

We can cut the cupola base to your roof pitch. This is usually not recommended because you need to be very accurate with the pitch you tell us. Also many roofs are shaped differently at the peak. So you are normally better off to cut it on site to make sure you get the perfect fit. 




7.) Choose roof options 


Pick from many different colors and material options for the roof of your cupola. 






vintage-metal-2-.jpg patina-green-metal-2-.jpg




8.) Cupola base flashing 


You can only pick this option if you select us to cut your cupola base. This option adds flashing to the bottom of your cupola base in whatever color you choose. 






9.) Lantern Option (windowed cupolas only)


We add and lantern mount and lantern to your windowed cupola. Choose between two different lantern options we offer. This option is usually paired with the hinged window option. 






10.) Hinged window 


We add hinges to one window on your cupola. Just remove the screws and your window will hinge open. (Not available on signature series cupolas)



11.) Screening (louvered cupolas only)


We add regular window screen to the backside of the louvers of the cupola to keep bugs and birds out. 




12.) Painting 


Choose to have your cupola painted any of these colors 








13.) Liftgate delivery


Cupolas 26" and larger are delivered by motor freight. This is a curbside delivery. They will call you at the number on your order to schedule a delivery. You will need to be able to get the pallet off of the truck if you choose not to have a liftgate. Please note you can take the cupolas off piece by piece. Cupolas come in 3 pieces to make them more manageable.