Weathervane Options Help

Weathervane Options Help



Raw polished copper- 24 gauge 16 oz roofing copper that will patina over time. 


Clear-coated copper- Three coats of a clear lacquer made for copper that is applied here in our factory 


Green Patina- A light acid made to tarnish the copper quickly. This accelerates the process by about 15 years so you instantly have a weathervane that has been aged. 


Dark Bronze- Is an acrylic metallic coating. Instead of using a pigment in the coating there is actual bronze in the coating so the finish will not fade. 


Gold Leaf- 23.75 triple gold leaf that is hand applied.




2.)Stainless steel rod upgrade 


Upgrade the rod your weathervane sits on. Weathervanes come standard with a black powder coated rod.




3.) Standard Mounts 






4.) Roof Mount Cover 



Don't like the looks of the roof mounts screwed to your roof? Upgrade to the roof mount cover. This copper roof mount cover fits over your roof mount to give your weathervane a better look. 




                                              Without cover                                               With cover  


 5.) Upgrade directionals 


Upgrade your normal North, East, South, West to ones that have Trees, Flowers, or Cattails on them.


wv4372-2-80383-1.1533660618.1280.1280-37544.1540940450.jpg  wv756-td-2-94357.1533660644.1280.1280-96416.1540940509.jpgwv8752-ctd-2-73340.1533660650.1280.1280-57484.1540940496.jpg


                                               Flowers                                                 Trees                                   Cattails 



6.) Welded rod upgrade


Weathervane rods consist of two parts. The spindles that go up into the weathervane are smaller than the base of the rod. This means weathervane rods have to be two parts. These rods thread together. If these are not put into a bench vise and tightened together very tightly the rod can un spin then everything comes crashing down. What we do is thread both the rods together then weld them that way it can never unscrew. 







7.) Priority Handling 


We put your order to the front of the line if you're in a hurry. If you are looking for expedited shipping (Overnight or 2 Day shipping) please give us a call to discuss.