Tone Doctor Weathervane

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  • Tone Doctor Weathervane
  • Tone Doctor Weathervane
  • Tone Doctor Weathervane


Material: Copper Dimensions: 26"L x 14"H

Early American weathervane design wasn’t just about art for art’s sake, the capitalist spirit of the new country also embraced weathervanes. As businesses compete with each other to attract customers they sought better and more impressive ways to let everyone who passed by what good or service they provided.

And no sign or poster could compete with a weathervane placed atop your business for all to see. Designing new weathervanes that symbolized the array of new business flourishing in our new country  was suddenly big business for Shem and other designers.


Inspired by that particularly American mix of art and commerce, our Towne Doctor Weathervane matches that artistic advertisement style and would have let all who saw it know was in fact a doctor in the house.

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