Loft With Aluminum Roof

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Approximatley 2 weeks to door
  • Loft With Aluminum Roof
  • Loft With Aluminum Roof
  • Loft With Aluminum Roof

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  • H 20” x W 11”
  • One 1  3/8" entrance hole
  • Single nesting compartment
  • Top removes for cleanout of nesting material
  • Bottom bracket allows for mounting onto a "4x4" post.   (Post not included.  8' post can be purchased from any Home Depot, Lowes, or lumber yard for approx. $10)  
  • White wooden body made from MDO (medium density overlay)
  • Choice of Black, Burnished, Or Painted Faux Patina
  • Can be left outside year around
  • Recommend nesting material be cleaned out in November
  • Common birds, Eastern Bluebird, Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Swallows, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpeckers, Finches, and more



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