East Coast Weathervanes

East Coast Weathervanes

Weathervanes have been around for thousands of years in a variety of designs. Nobody is sure exactly why, but over time in Europe pressure for conformity lead to the rooster design, to dominate all others. By the time of American Revolution, it was possible to get your weathervane in any shape or design…as long it was a rooster.

Our founding fathers fought not just for freedom but also for freedom of expression. They saw the weathervane as a perfect opportunity to express their unique personalities and the rugged individualism of their new country.

Which is why patriots such as Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and George Washington didn’t just put weathervanes on their homes… they designed their own. And an American Artform was born.

Weathervanes of Maine is proud to continue this American tradition. Right here in New England, our artists have created hundreds of unique designs so you can find the perfect weathervane to match your personality.

And since all our copper weathervanes are made of 100% copper and crafted to the highest standards they will stand up to the harshest weather you can trust your weathervane will become a part of your family’s history.

Want a rooster weathervane? No problem. We’ve got those too. Because at Weathervanes of Maine we don’t think getting what you want should be revolutionary.